The Textpattern CMS default theme project is the standard look that is packaged with Textpattern CMS as of v4.5.0 onwards.

The default theme is intended as a starting point for new users learning the content management system for the first time or existing users that want to adapt their current code to modern standards.


  1. The code is commented throughout with helpful information to help you learn some of the techniques and tags available within Textpattern.
  2. Current best practices gathered from all over the web – in particular the HTML5 Boilerplate.
  3. Mobile first structure.
  4. Responsive CSS layout adapts to various device screen sizes, from 320px to over 1280px.
  5. Adheres to the microdata format.
  6. Includes Sass version of CSS for rapid development.
  7. No images used at all.
  8. Tested on a wide range of devices, browsers and operating systems.

Supported web browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8 onwards.
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera the last two recent stable releases.


  • Apache 2
  • PHP >=5.3
  • MySQL >=5
  • Textpattern CMS 4.6.0-dev
  • Unix-like OS, e.g. Linux or Mac OS